Speak with an Advisor

Our professional academic advisors are available to devote personal attention to any questions or concerns you have. Building a healthy and communicative relationship with your Honors advisor is one of the most vital elements of the LIU Post Honors College experience. As you develop an ongoing collaboration, your advisor will help identify key avenues for academic enrichment, student clubs and organizations that may interest you, and career and internship placement opportunities.

When talking to your LIU Post Honors College advisor, it is important that you become familiar with your specific program requirements, including prerequisites for advanced courses; learn which elective courses you are deciding to take; balance your work and personal schedules accordingly when scheduling classes; and keep track of how may credits you are taking, have transferred, or need to complete before graduation.

For more information about applying to LIU Post, please call Samantha Ciccone in the Office of Admissions at 516-299-2044 or Samantha.Ciccone@liu.edu.

For more information about LIU Post Honors College, please contact Director Joan Digby, Ph.D., at 516-299-2840 or joan.digby@liu.edu.

Meet the Director of Honors College

Post Honors College DigbyJoan Digby, Ph.D.
Director, LIU Post Honors College

Dr. Digby is a professor of English, director of the Honors College, and director of the Poetry Center at LIU Post. A preeminent authority in the area of honors education, she is a former president of the National Collegiate Honors Council and author of several books, including Peterson’s Honors Programs & Colleges, Partners in the Parks: A Field Guide to Experiential Learning in the National Parks, as well as poetry collections. Dr. Digby is a dedicated animal lover, recently founding a new Equestrian Studies program at LIU Post. She earned her bachelors and doctorate degrees at New York University and an M.A. at the University of Delaware.